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Development trend of solar photovoltaic - Half Cells Size

wdh-site 2022-07-07

The emergence of new solar panel battery system makes it more efficient. The main driving force of this transformation is the emergence of perc battery technology and its compatibility with its related processes (such as semi chip batteries). Looking forward to the future, the most important technology transfer in the market is related to double-sided batteries and components, which is due to the increasing use of advanced battery architecture and attention to system output efficiency.And 520w half cells size will be the trend.


Double sided solar cell

Double sided solar cells have been developed for decades, and their manufacturing technology can be considered as one of the most advanced solar modules today. The double-sided battery can generate power not only from the sunlight received on the front side, but also from the reflected sunlight received on the back side of the battery. At present, China is still the largest manufacturer and terminal market of double-sided solar photovoltaic panels.


The demand around the world is also gradually increasing. Countries such as the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom have begun to use double-sided modules in large-scale ground photovoltaic power stations. According to the current market trend, double-sided components are expanding their geographical scope from Europe and Japan to emerging markets and the world.


By adopting perc technology, which promotes the vigorous development of double-sided technology, double-sided component manufacturers have increased the power generation efficiency of single area of bit components by 5 – 20% in a short time. According to the data of the Institute of solar energy systems (ISE), basically every component manufacturer using perc technology is developing double-sided technology. The larger the expansion of perc, the larger the expansion of double-sided components.

520w half cells size

A double-sided solar module product is a double glass module. The solar cells of these solar photovoltaic panels are arranged between two glasses. They are usually used in large-scale ground centralized photovoltaic power generation systems, and provide practical solutions for harsh environments (such as high temperature and high humidity), because they are not sensitive to water penetration. This technology has been developed for decades, but its high cost and weight have always been an obstacle to its development. According to the International Photovoltaic Technology Roadmap (itrpv), the share of dual glass modules was only 5% in 2018, and it is expected that this technology will reach 40% in the next 10 years.


Inside the photovoltaic module, the solar cells are connected with each other in series. However, this interconnection will lead to light loss in the battery, which will affect the reliability of the product. In order to overcome this impact, various manufacturing equipment and welding technologies have been developed, such as semi cut cell, solar tile and MBB (multi bus) technology.


Half Cells Size 520w Solar Panel

Half Cells Size 520w Solar Panel refers to cutting a fully processed battery slice in half with a very advanced laser. From the manufacturing point of view, the laser only needs a little change, which makes half battery more and more used by major manufacturers. The half cell improves the performance and durability of the module, and can increase the power of 5-6 watts (W).

Due to the integration of perc, the efficiency of half cut technology is as high as 18%, and the rated power is as high as 520W

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