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What is Half Cells Solar Panel and How to buy 520w half cells size

wdh-site 2022-07-07

In recent years, photovoltaic technology has developed rapidly with a wide range of applications. The market has changed from the original emphasis on high power to the comprehensive requirements of high power, high power generation under any installation conditions, low attenuation and low cost, so as to further reduce the cost of kwh.


Nowadays, "interruption" is the most effective way to implement the technology. The low internal loss and efficient half cell module technology will have unique advantages in large-scale applications. Undoubtedly, 520w half cells size is an efficient product with high cost performance and mass production. This is the best solution that can meet the cost, power generation and attenuation performance improvement at the same time.And What is Half Cells Solar Panel and How to buy 520w half cells size

520w half cells size

Half Cell Module

The internal structure design of half cell module includes three methods: series structure, series parallel structure and parallel series structure. Conventional modules usually adopt series structure. After the half cell is cut, the current is halved and the voltage remains unchanged. Therefore, if the series structure is used for design, the component voltage will be twice that of conventional components, which will increase the system cost. At the same time, there will be some potential safety hazards after doubling the component voltage. Therefore, in order to ensure that the overall output voltage and current of conventional components are consistent, the half battery module is generally designed in series parallel structure, which is equivalent to two small modules in parallel.


520w Half Cells Size

For half cell technology, they actually divide ordinary solar cells into two halves. Unlike ordinary photovoltaic modules with 60 or 72 cells, they have become 120 or 144 half cells, while maintaining the same design and size as conventional modules. The output power of half cell photovoltaic modules with the same efficiency is significantly higher than that of conventional full cell modules.


This is mainly due to the reduction of the series resistance and the increase of the filling factor FF of the half chip module. At the same time, due to the low internal resistance of the module, the temperature in the power generation process is lower than that of the conventional module, which further improves the power generation capacity of the module.

520w half cells size

The half cell module is the same as the conventional module, and is equipped with tempered glass, EVA and TPE (TPT, EPE) backplane. The junction box will be different, and the three part junction box is usually used. Technically, the process of half battery module is easy to change. With the increase of the number of batteries, the time of series welding of batteries will also be doubled. The difficulty is that the wires of the bus are led out from the middle of the back of the module. If manual operation is required, wires will be added. There is a risk of battery splitting or cracking.


Like conventional components, the battery pack of half battery pack is also encapsulated with tempered glass, EVA and base plate. Conventional solar panels usually contain 60 0.5-0.6V solar cells in series. The voltage is increased in series, so the working voltage of 60 unit module is 30-35v. If half cells are connected together like standard components, they will produce half the current and twice the voltage, while the resistance remains unchanged.


Half cells are obtained by cutting the standard cells in half. Therefore, its internal current is reduced by half. As the current decreases, the power loss inside the battery decreases. The power loss is usually proportional to the square of the current, so the power loss of the whole component can be reduced to one quarter (Ploss = ri2, where R is the resistance and I is the current). The power loss of half battery is reduced, which can make it larger. Especially in high radiation environment, larger filling factor and higher conversion efficiency can also obtain greater power generation. This component has a large filling factor, which means that its internal series resistance is very small, and its internal current loss is also very small.


The use of half cell can provide great advantages and improve performance under shadow conditions, which is of great significance for the overall power generation of building photovoltaic, which is vulnerable to other building obstacles. Half battery can increase the power generation, but its system design is similar to that of the whole module, without increasing the installation cost, ensuring a lower lcoe.


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